High Precision Parts

High precision mechanical parts in small to midsize dimensions and quantities.


Preassembly and testing of components.

Preassembly and testing of components.


Job Work

Job work (hardening, galvanizing, painting and more)

Knowledge Partner

SRM is a midsized, family-owned Swiss company

Knowledge Partner

SRM is a midsized, family-owned Swiss company

 Machining of  

The following Materials

These materials will be used in different compositions / alloy’s as required by our customers

◎    Steel in different alloy’s (not gray cast iron and similar materials)
◎    Aluminum
◎    Titanium
◎    Plastic (POM, Teflon etc.)
◎    Copper based materials like Brass, German Silver and Bronze


Dr. Rajendra Joshi and his wife Mrs. Ursula Joshi have laid the foundation of RS India – RUJ & SRM Mechanics Pvt. Ltd.

for manufacturing of precision parts in collaboration with Swiss company SRM Technologies AG with a core objective of manufacturing and assembling high precision parts.


Dr. Rajendra Joshi

“Any growth strategy is incomplete without a people plan.  RS India is committed to nurturing leaders of tomorrow by teaching and by hand-picking the most promising from its existing talent pool and coaching them to create a succession roadmap.  Skilling people, Skilling India – key to building the nation…”

Chairman RS India


Mr. Jayant Joshi

“RS India holds great promise and would earn the patronage of many companies who are looking for quality and precision.  Our approach to our business involves precision at the core of its heart.  RS India owes its supremacy to three fundamental characteristics: Excellence, Quality, and Time driven approach.”

Managing Director


Herbert Rosenast

"I strongly believe that it is the people working in any organization that make it great.  The efficient the people of company, the higher the quality of products produced will be and that is why we make people skilled and let them grow on the job."

General Manager

Fact Sheet

Project started: November 2015

 ◎ Civil Planning started: January 2016
◎ Construction started: November 2016
◎ Manufacturing: July 2018    (machining started) August / September 2018  (Surface Treatment & Assembling) September 2018 (Hardening, Painting & Clean Assembly)
◎ Numbers of Employees: actual 60 app 250 at the finale Stage
◎ Our aim: fine mechanic high precision parts for customers all over the world
Swiss precision and quality made in India

Precision Parts

Milling up to 5 Axis (Mazak)
◎ Turning (Mazak) and Swiss Type Turning (Star)
◎ Grinding (cylindrical, centerless and surface)
◎  Laser engraving, UV Printing
◎  Tumbling polishing
◎  Assembling (also under clean conditions)
◎  CMM measuring


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